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How to overcome the inconveniences of a vacation campaign for part-timers, interns and "irreplaceable" employees. 19/08/2021 (ukr)

Annual vacations for employees of medical institutions — an urgent topic with new nuances. 10/08/2021 (ukr)

How will the work of the "additional army" of doctors be paid for during the epidemic? 29/10/2020 (ukr)

What laws protect interns and do they work today? 21/10/2020 (ukr)

Free diagnostics - a secondary survival test?, 14.02.2019 (ukr)

Functions of the head of the hospital: are we changing chess or the rules of the game?, 19/10/2018 (ukr)

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Cross-roads of medical self-government, 02/07/2018 (ukr)

Contract with a doctor: can not sign up?, 06/04/2018 (ukr)

"Knowledge of Ukrainian medical reforms - hospitals without walls?", commentary, 03/11/2017 (ukr)

The path to independence: a red track or an obstacle course? 02/06/2017  (ukr)

Reactions with placebo effect 24/03/2017 (ukr)

The court abolished the reduction of beds. What's next? 24/02/2017 (ukr)

Violations in the salary of doctors: individual cases or system errors? 23/12/2016 (ukr)

Cancellation of Order No. 33: Problems Behind or Ahead? 30/09/2016 (ukr)

The court abolished the reorganization of the DSEC. What's next? 19/02/2016 (ukr)

The case of the DSES: the one who has more rights right? 05/02/2016 (ukr)

Salary of a primary care physician: promises instead of allowances? 06/03/2015 (ukr)

Constitution and reforms - who is the decree? 09/01/2015 (ukr)

Work or life? 05/09/2014 (ukr)

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