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Fines and dismissals - do not infringe upon the rights of your colleagues and subordinates (ukr)   30/01/2023   (rus)

The leave without payments – a way out during the war and risks for the future (ukr)   05/12/2022   (rus)

Early retirement and changes in unemployment payments during martial law  (ukr)   28/11/2022    (rus)

The approximate form of an employment contract with non-fixed working hours has been approved  (ukr)   11/11/2022   (rus)

The regulation of labor relations has been simplified: who will it affect and how to “negotiate” with the manager? (ukr) 09/11/2022 (rus)

Deadlines of the new Law on Medicines: is it time to change?  (ukr)   24/10/2022     (rus)

Unfixed working: registration, paying, avoiding traps  (ukr)   22/09/2022    (rus)

The norms of working time and rest have been changed – is it only for the period of martial law   (ukr)   30/08/2022    (rus)

Internship in conditions of war - changes in terms, places and specialities  (ukr)     23/08/2022    (rus)

Employment and dismissal from work- changes in the legislation (ukr)  16/08/2022   (rus)

Military registration according to updated requirements - will women be “not allowed to travel abroad”? (ukr) 12/07/2022  (rus)

The Supreme Court came to the defense of pharmaceutical workers on registration of labor relations  (ukr)   22/06/2022  (rus)

Pharma business relocation: challenges for pharmacy workers   (ukr)   21/06/2022   (rus)

Holidays with restrictions and "for later": how martial law will change our vacation  (ukr)   08/06/2022   (rus)

"Military situation" in labour law: dismissal, employment and retirement in a new way (ukr)  18/05/2022  (rus)

How labor rights will be restricted under martial law: the norms of the new Law (ukr)   29/03/2022  (rus)

Mobilization, evacuation, occupation – how to formalize labor relations so as not to lose your job  (ukr)   17/03/2022 (rus)

New  minimum wages for pharmaceutical workers: whom and how much  (ukr)  22/02/2022   (rus)

Military registration for women: all in line without exception?  (ukr)   29/12/2021  (rus)
From pharmacist to pharmaceutist: to change or to stay  (ukr)    21/12/2021  (rus)

Dismissal from a pharmacy at your own request: the right of a pharmacist & legal requirements (ukr) 08/07/2021 (rus)

Theft in a pharmacy: crime and punishment (ukr) 29/06/2021 (rus)

The social package of a pharmacy specialist (ukr) 28/05/2021 (rus)

 What work experience should a pharmacist accumulate in order to retire this year (rus) 17/02/2021

About "under the table money" for people in white coats, or what both sides of the labor relationship risk (rus) 16/11/2020

Changing jobs: what documents will protect the pharmacist from the" forgetfulness " of the boss (rus) 21/09/2020

When does a pharmacist retire?

Check in the pharmacy: how to prepare for the inevitable? (rus) 19/11/2019

"Annushka" added fuel to the fire: experts` opinion on the sensational deprivation of the license of a network of pharmacies (rus) 06/06/2019

Languages` law and pharmacy (rus) 07/05/2019

Morality and norms in the work of the pharmacist: real cases (rus) 30/03/2019

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